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How Do Consumers’ Cultural Backgrounds and Values

With coupons used online, consumers often need to search for the right coupon (which, in our experience, can be quite effortful and time-consuming) and apply the coupon code in the appropriate box during checkout. 2 In contrast, low self-regulators may be deterred by the effortful process of using coupons and may be tempted to use their time on

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Promotional Games Increase Consumer Conversion Rates and

While prior research on discounts has studied how different facets of a straight discount, such as how its format (e.g., percentage off vs. buy one get one free; Gordon-Hecker et al. 2019), amount (Grewal et al. 1998), and presentation (Krishna et al. 2002) impact decision making, it is a priori unclear how such discounts would be judged vis-à

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Stigma by Association in Coupon Redemption: Looking Cheap

To manipulate coupon value, buyers were then privately informed that the bookstore was running a promotion and that a coupon was available for the assigned product. The experimenter provided buyers with $5.00 and a coupon worth either $0.25 (low value) or $1.00 (high value) off the regular price.

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Impact of Voucher Coupons on the Uptake of Fertilizer and

While better off than some, the study population is dominated by relatively poor small-scale farmers with limited experience with modern agro-inputs. The Impact of Voucher Coupons on the Use of Fertilizer and Improved Seeds. This section investigates the impact of voucher coupons on the use of fertilizer and improved seeds.

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Introducing vouchers for malaria prevention in Ghana and

In Ghana the use of a paper subsidy delivered in the public sector for redemption in the private sector was called a voucher, whereas those delivered in the public sector for exchange for an ITN in the public sector were called coupons. The coupons were then exchanged together with a top-up value of US$2.22 for an ITN. Discussion

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How Did COVID-19 Affect Firms’ Access to Public Capital

However, due to the downward shift in the U.S. Treasury yield curve, overall coupons were still below the average coupon rate of all bonds issued in the first 5 months of 2019. Even when we compare coupons to past coupons of the same issuers, they have decreased in 6 of 9 weeks.

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To Each His Own? How Comparisons with Others Influence agreed to work with us, providing us with unique coupon codes for 50% off the skins' face value and individually packaging and batch shipping our orders. Participants were 93 undergraduates from the University of Colorado who participated in this study in exchange for both course credit and receipt of the self-designed product.

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Shopping Goals, Goal Concreteness, and Conditional

If the financial value of coupons is the only factor that consumers consider in their spending decisions, conditional coupons with lower-than-average minimum required spending can be less effective in increasing consumers' spending than those with higher-than-average minimum required spending, but this should not have an overall negative effect

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All Work and No Pay: Violations of Employment and Labor

Another form of unpaid work is “off-the-clock” work, or work that takes place before or after a regularly scheduled shift and for which no pay is provided. By law, employees must be paid for all of the hours they work; any work performed before or after official start and end times must be compensated in accordance with minimum wage laws.

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Simple Model of the Taxable and Tax-Exempt Yield Curves

This appears to be grossly violated in the data. This is documented in Tables 1–3 and Figure 1.The data employed here, as in virtually all the existing work on tax-exempt bonds, are taken from Salomon Brothers' Analytical Record of Yields and Yield Spreads (1991). This source provides monthly estimates of yields for municipals in different default risk categories for various maturities.

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