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A complete consumer guide to vision and eye care. Learn about eye safety, eye nutrition, LASIK, contact lenses, eye problems and treatments, and much more.

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TheraTears - Save $2 with TheraTears Coupon

Over 75 million people in the U.S. suffer from the symptoms of dry eyes. You are not alone. While it is a chronic, lifelong disease with no current cure, there are many therapy options to manage dry eye symptoms and improve the quality of your life. TheraTears® Dry Eye Therapy products are a unique

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Eyeglasses and contact lenses discounts - All About Vision

EyeBuyDirect. 25% off all orders $100 and over (use code: WC25) and so much more with several coupon codes. And with Speed Shipping, you can now get your new glasses in 2 business days (in the United States) for an added fee.

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TheraTears Coupon - All About Vision

Click here for the printable PDF coupon. Depending on your browser setup, the PDF will either: (1) display in a new window or (2) be saved directly to the "downloads" folder on your computer.

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Discount eyeglasses: How to find them – All About Vision

Online retailers will send you coupons and deal alerts if you subscribe to their email lists, Smith points out. She signed up and then postponed her purchase until a 40% off coupon landed in her inbox. “I waited for a discount that was really worth my time,” she says. 4. Join the club

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Where to get a free eye exam and free eyeglasses

Good vision is a precious gift. It's also a daily necessity. If you can't afford routine eye exams and prescription eyeglasses, a number of public and private organizations may be able to help you obtain a free eye exam and affordable eyeglasses.. If you need financial assistance to obtain eye care or eyewear, you might want to contact one of the following programs.

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Buying glasses online: A step-by-step guide

You often will be able to apply a coupon code to slice — and in some instances take a deep cut off — the price of the glasses in your checkout cart. With glasses selected and savings applied, complete your order. Feel free to do your own happy dance. Your glasses should arrive in a few days or weeks.

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OCuSOFT Products for Dry Eyes, Allergy Eyes, Irritated

OCuSOFT ® Lid Scrub ® - $2.00 OFF coupon. Retaine ® MGD™ Ophthalmic Emulsion. Retaine ® HPMC™ Lubricant Eye Drops. Retaine ® CMC™ Lubricant Eye Drops. Retaine ® PM™ Nighttime Ointment. Retaine ® Nutritional Supplements. Zoria ® Boost™ Lash Intensifying Serum. Zoria ® Mascara for Sensitive Eyes. Zoria ® Ultra Gentle Skin

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The best discount reading glasses – All About Vision

The Sophie. The Sophie: These snazzy and affordable women’s readers come in a trendy rectangular frame shape and seven bright colors, including pink, purple, coral, green and sky blue.. Made of lightweight plastic, they’re available in a range of powers from +1.00 to +4.00. The Sophie has fully magnified lenses, along with spring hinges for a secure fit.

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EyeMed vision care: get the most from your EyeMed

In addition to significant discounts on annual exams and eyeglasses, EyeMed members are eligible for other savings when using an in-network EyeMed provider, including:. 40 percent off additional pairs of glasses after the initial benefit has been used. 20 percent off any item not covered by the plan, including non-prescription sunglasses

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8 tips on how to buy contact lenses online

In tandem with the rise of e-commerce has come the rise of eye commerce — the ability to buy eye care products online. Today, at least one-fifth of contact lens wearers in the U.S. buy their contact lenses online, and that number keeps climbing. Convenience and price drive many contact lens

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