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Actived: Sunday Apr 26, 2020


[Tip] Disable Online Shopping Features and Notifications

Fortunately, Microsoft has provided an option to disable and turn off this new online shopping related feature entirely. Once you turn off online shopping feature, it’ll completely disable all coupons and promotions notifications in address bar of Microsoft Edge.

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Hidden Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones – AskVG

off late there are a lot of refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones in the system, so if i want to be sure of buying the original Samsung Galaxy phone what must I do to know. Secondly, is there a short code purposely for checking the originality of the phone. I mean Samsung phones only.Thank you.

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How to Get Windows XP Style Toolbar in Windows 8/8.1

If you are using the new Windows 8 OS or if you are regularly reading news and updates about Windows 8, you must be knowing about the addition of Ribbon UI to Windows 8 Explorer. Microsoft has put Office 2013 style Ribbon UI to Windows 8 Explorer. Some people love the new ribbon UI and some don’t, that’s another story. By default Windows 8 comes with ribbon minimized in Explorer.

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