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My name is Rakesh Agrawal. I have been designing Internet services since 1993. This blog will take a look at everyday products and services and how they could be designed better. Many (if not most) technology products are designed for geeks by geeks. They're full of features that get in the way of every day users.…

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Why small businesses are snapping up the daily deal

In recent months, we’ve seen daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social grow like crazy. Groupon is valued at $1.35 billion. That’s more than 4x the valuation of the McClatchy Company, one of the country’s largest newspaper publishers.It also ekes out The New York Times Company.Others are scrambling to get into the business, including DealPop in Seattle and CrowdCut in Minneapolis.

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How daily deal companies could improve the merchant

There are a number of ways that daily deal companies could improve the economics for merchants. Limit the number of deals people can buy in a set period of time. This would discourage deal habituation. (Of course, this isn't in the deal company's interests. Hardcore cheapskates would just setup multiple accounts.) Limit the distance from…

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Shop Talk: A conversation with a Groupon merchant | Rakesh

Group on likes to do 50% off and they will take 50% of your remaining half so you need to know you can break even at 25% of normal rates. If you can then there is some real upside. We did a deal with Groupon and sold about 800 coupons. They expire after six months.

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A wow experience from United - Rakesh Agrawal's blog

No fun as it was raining, hot, humid and the Germans were in the process of saving energy by shuting off the AC in the Airport. All in all, it sucked to get delayed, miss the connection, go to a hotel in DC with no cloths, get a 15 dollar meal voucher and lose a day’s vacation because of a mechanical failure.

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The economics of LivingSocial/Whole Foods-like deals

As expected, today's LivingSocial offer of $20 Whole Foods gift card vouchers sold out at 1 million vouchers sold. This is a great marketing move that created buzz around the Internet, for a while was the top term on U.S. Google trends, generated news stories by Reuters, The Washington Post, Mashable and others. They even…

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Why Groupon is poised for collapse — an update | Rakesh

Groupon was forced to restate fourth quarter earnings, sending its stock down 6% in after-hours trading. This surprised me as much as my $2 investment in the Mega Millions jackpot not paying off. The reasons for Groupon's restatement were higher refund reserves and weakness in internal controls. These are issues I've repeatedly discussed. I raised…

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A look at Groupon’s extremely lopsided merchant agreement

See the Groupon, LivingSocial and daily deals merchant FAQ. Last night I posted a Groupon merchant contract I received. When reading this analysis, please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. It's simply an analysis of the key points of the agreement. My background is in product management…

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New AOL Search beta | Rakesh Agrawal's blog

The AOL Search team has been working hard to launch a new search product. A sneak peek is available. The redesign does two big things: Reorganizes the left side, allowing more search results above the fold. Adds a right rail with additional content from a variety of sources, including multimedia results. Try sheryl crow, desperate…

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