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P2646 Code: “A” Rocker Arm Actuator System Performance

The Audi doesn’t have a P2646 code in its DTC list. Variable Valve Lift in VTEC and Other Systems. On the VTEC system, there are three camshaft lobes for each pair of valves controlled by this system – the three lobes all spin together – the outer lobes have less lift than the center lobe, which is activated by a locking pin whenever the ECM/PCM calls for the center lobe to provide the lift.

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A Short Course on Wheel Alignment - In The Garage with

This may cause the vehicle to drift to the right so that the steering wheel will appear to be off-center to the left on a straight road. The best way to compensate for this is as follows: If there is a difference in caster, it should be that the left wheel is more negative than the right wheel, but not more than 1/2 degree.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Reliability and Common Problems - In

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the older midsize SUV nameplates that’s still on the market today. Despite its age, it remains a contender in its segment thanks to its superior off-road performance and improved dependability. Models from older generations are also able to maintain their resale value fairly well, outperforming rivals like the Ford Explorer.

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Toyota Corolla Reliability and Common Problems - In The

Faulty Airbags. Toyota Corollas have had their fair share of airbag recalls. There was a recall in 2019 for 2003 -2013 Toyota Corollas for possible airbag inflator explosion, which could shoot pieces of metal at car occupants, causing injury or harm.

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