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By the end of the year, students experience burnout due to the overload of work that comes with every college semester. Final exams enhance stress to the max, whether they configure the question-and-answer format or the oh-so-terrifying 10-page paper.

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How to Coupon like a Real Extreme Couponer - College Magazine

A store coupon is a coupon placed on the item by the store. A lot of times this is based on how much of that specific item the store has in stock. If the store has too large of a quantity, they either put the item on sale or issue a coupon for the item to hopefully make it sell faster. 4. Learn your store policy.

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21 Student ID Discounts that Let You Live Like Royalty

If you wish to find more online steals, then you should simply create a UNiDAYS account. It takes two minutes and you get access to codes, discounts and coupons for over 300 brand-name stores. These vary from clothing, technology, music, beauty products and even flowers and contacts. No wonder so many students, like UWF freshman Becky Saults

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Safety First: The Social Distanced Guide to the Sunshine State

Due to COVID safety measures, Falafel Bistro offers curbside pickup—with a 10 percent off coupon code if you order through their website. “[It’s] my favorite restaurant to order in from,” Washington University in St. Louis rising junior Ethan Lewis said. “They have the best hummus and chicken shawarma I’ve ever had.”

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The Poor College Student’s Guide to Saving Money

Stop cutting class and start cutting coupons, the OG money savers. Apps like RetailMeNot and Walmart’s Savings Catcher should be every college student’s holy grail. Despite the various assignments you rush home to complete before 11:59 p.m., take an extra two minutes at the register to sign up for a rewards card or program.

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Cents Sense: Cheap Ways to Cool Off - College Magazine

You can also make your own if you can find a good recipe (think rolling the coffee can down the hallway in elementary school to make ice cream!).Lastly, Cooper suggests looking around for special promotions or coupons for nearby water parks. “You can often find an all-day pass for only $10-20,” he says.

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You're Totally Broke Now: 10 Signs College Students Know

I lived off free food coupons [from] restaurant openings like Apropo, and you eat free at a lot of places for your birthday,” said FSU alumna Amanda Rodriguez. It’s all fun and games when your wallet becomes heavy with financial aid to pay for your Chipotle, but when it’s gone you just get stuck with a purse full of coupons. 4.

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Your Master Guide on Going Back to School - College Magazine

Once you find your grocery store, you can start clipping branch-specific coupons to save a few extra dollars. Q: Should I get a pet? Sure, but make sure you can take care of it! If you plan on taking classes from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., I would stick with a low-maintenance pet, like a fish or hamster.

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The 10 Best Exclusive Student Resources Better Than Pizza

But what if you knew you were gaining rewards or points by staying off your phone in class? The application Pocket Points knows when you are on campus and keeps track of the amount of time your phone remains on lock. When you get to a certain amount of points, you win coupons to places such as Pita Pit, Coldstone and Pizza Hut.

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The Electric Bike: A College Life Hack - College Magazine

Electric bikes don’t require gas, tags or parking passes, meaning that extra cash can go towards more important things like beer. Back to the Future was right, it’s 2015 and the future is now. P.S. Electric Bike Nation is offering students $350 off on the E3 Dash with a coupon code: COLLEGEMAG. Shares14.

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10 Self-Care Tips and Tricks for Success: COVID-19 Edition

10 Self-Care Tips and Tricks for Success: COVID-19 Edition. POV: You’re 7 months into a pandemic and a civil rights movement, while juggling academic responsibilities, internships and work. Whether you’re self-quarantining or with your family/friends, most students need a little time to participate in some self-care.

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