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Create A New Account - Kohl's

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Sales Alerts - Kohl's

Limit one coupon per customer. DOLLAR-OFF COUPONS, INCLUDING KOHL'S CASH® COUPONS, KOHL'S REWARDS® AND PROMOTIONAL GIFTS, WILL BE APPLIED PRIOR TO PERCENT-OFF TOTAL PURCHASE COUPONS. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other percent-off coupons, including age-specific discounts.

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Age-Specific Coupons

We offer a special 15% coupon every Wednesday in our stores. Special coupon is valid in store only for customers aged 60 or better. Please see a Store Associate for additional details. FOR SENIOR DISCOUNT, please bring identification to verify your age for this coupon. Discount cannot be added in conjunction with other percent-off coupons.

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Kohl's Rewards Program

Kohl's Cash and other dollar-off coupons will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase coupon discounts. How do I use my Kohl's Cash® online? If your Kohls.com shopping account and Kohl's Rewards® account are linked, any Kohl's Cash® that has been added to your Wallet can be applied directly to your purchase during checkout.

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Using Promo Codes Online - Kohl's

When using a percent-off promo code and Kohl’s Cash® with your order, the system will deduct the Kohl’s Cash® first and then apply your percent-off promo code to the new subtotal. The order in which you enter your Kohl’s Cash® and promo codes does not have an impact on the total; the system applies these discounts.

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Using a KMC or Gift Card - Kohl's

Enter the 4-digit PIN number exactly as it appears on your KMC. (You may need to scratch off the cover to reveal this.) Click “Add to Wallet”. This saves the Kohl’s Merchandise Credit into your Wallet for easy access when checkout either in-store or online. Frequently Asked Questions Does my Kohl’s Merchandise Credit ever expire? No.

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How do I enter my Kohl’s Cash® in checkout?

Kohl’s Cash® will be applied prior to percent-off total purchase coupons. Received In-store. The coupon number is located above the bar code on the back of your coupon and your PIN is located to the right of your bar code. Received Online. The coupon number and PIN are located above the bar code. Kohl's App Mobile Wallet

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Using your Associate Discount - Kohl's

Discount can be combined with $-off and %-off discounts. Regular and additional associate discounts are valid on exclusion brands. Eligible family members are defined as the associate's spouse, dependent children of the associate, and any other individuals claimed on the associate's federal income tax form.

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Using Kohl’s Cash, Gift Cards and Promo Codes

Each coupon you receive will have a promo code associated with it. This promo code is what you will need to enter online at checkout to apply the coupon. Typically these promo codes are always printed in BOLD-FACED CAPITAL LETTERS. There is a maximum of FOUR promo codes per order placed. For more information, see Using Multiple Coupons.

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Price Match Policy

Coupons, dollar-off and/or percentage-off, cannot be applied to a price-matched product. Kohl’s Cash® and Kohl’s Rewards can be earned and redeemed on price-matched products. Kohl’s reserves the right to limit quantities and to otherwise exercise discretion in the application of our Price Match Policy.

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Tracking Online Orders - Kohl's

With FedEx SmartPost, the delivery is started with FedEx and handed off to USPS to complete the delivery by your local post office. Track Your FedEx Shipments Here. Get more details on FedEx shipments sent to your phone using FedEx Delivery Manager. FedEx Same Day shipments are tracked using a separate website.

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