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What To Do With An Unsolicited Offer To Buy Property - The

Until the real estate market cools down, you’ll get unsolicited offers to buy property, even if you put a sign in the front like this. Real estate is a good investment, and it’s even better when you get property for below market value.. The motivation behind an unsolicited offer to buy property is always to get property cheap.

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How to coupon Harbor Freight - The Silicon Underground

Frequently you can also find coupons on these same items for around $1, so if you can’t decide, and don’t want to go back a second time, use the sub-$1 coupon. Or if you need more than one of something that’s commonly a freebie, the $1 coupon usually lets you buy several. Limitations on Harbor Freight coupons. The 20% off coupon has

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Use your coupons! - The Silicon Underground

I spent $20, and they gave me a $2 coupon. I went again today, spent another $20 on similar products, and got another $2 coupon. And yesterday, Target sent us a coupon for $10 off a $100 purchase. It seems stores are trying to lure us in. If you’re smart, that means savings.In the case of Walgreen Drug, we’ll use the coupons on non-FSA stuff.

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Need, er, want a Newegg coupon? Here you go. - The Silicon

If you’re planning to do some shopping at Newegg this week, you can save $10 off $100 or $25 off $200 with the coupon code VCOBF15. It’s good today through 11/29. I just thought I’d pass that along.

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A reminder about the most obvious money saver - The

Permalink. An adjunct to coupons we use is the so-called "loyalty card." A bar-coded card specific to a certain grocery chain which offers add’l cents off on various items when scanned at checkout (these savings are usually advertised on the shelf or in the store’s newspaper ad).

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The Silicon Underground - David L. Farquhar, computer

The Crystal Palace in St Louis was a short-lived but legendary night club. It predated Gaslight Square, but moved west on Olive to join the up-and-coming district as it grew in popularity.The move benefited both. During its heyday on Gaslight Square, it was a combination saloon and 300-seat theater.

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Are Harbor Freight tools any good? - The Silicon Underground

There’s no reason to go to Harbor Freight without at least two coupons. Take a 20% off coupon to get something you need, and take a freebie coupon to get something worth having. The 20% off coupon is good for one item, and usually hand tools are eligible, including the nice Doyle-branded hand tools.

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Tips for using Dept. 56 and Lemax-type buildings with

Amassing a sizable collection of these buildings can be costly if you’re paying retail, but frequently these buildings go on sale and they are eligible for the generous 40% off coupons that most craft store chains run on a semi-regular basis. They also don’t hold their value well, so you can buy them secondhand very inexpensively.

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Northern Tool vs Harbor Freight - The Silicon Underground

For a one-off project, some will be glad to buy cheap tools at Harbor Freight, then go to Northern Tool to buy a brand-name engine. Discounting. Perhaps the biggest difference when it comes to Northern Tool vs Harbor Freight is the discounting. Harbor Freight floods the market with coupons, which can lead to some opportunities for coupon

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Buying tools at estate sales - The Silicon Underground

At most estate sales, prices are 50% off on the last day of the sale. And late in the day, many sellers will discount even further, possibly selling items by the bag to clear out the house. You can expect to have competition, but resellers can only be at one place at a time and most sales tend to end around the same time.

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Tile over Formica backsplash - The Silicon Underground

I transformed a dated 1960s kitchen to this in a few hours by applying faux subway tile over the original Formica backsplash. Conventional wisdom says the most cost effective way to replace a backsplash is to cut it out, cutting deep enough into the wall to remove the backsplash and drywall in one go, then throw in a new piece of drywall and then tile over it.

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