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Early Bird Mom - Helping You Declutter Your Home And Live

Do you ever have the desire to work in your home but you don't have the energy or stamina due to a chronic illness or disability? Wouldn't it be great to get ideas on being able to get the decluttering, cleaning and housework done even if you aren't feeling well or perhaps physically limited?

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How To Save Money on Large Purchases (18% or more!)

Use coupon code RAISE75AF for an extra $5 off your first purchase of $75 or more! Raise regularly runs specials for an extra 5% off. If you sign up for their site, they’ll send you email when these sales are happening. Pair your gift cards with Ebates for an even greater savings!

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How to buy kids clothes for 50-75% off (no thrift store

But stores like Old Navy (and sister stores Banana Republic and Gap) will often have cards available for 7-15% off. And if you like Marshalls or Home Goods, you may be able to find up to 20% off. Also, Ebates regularly does double cashback offers and they sometimes have extra coupons as well.

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15 ways to save on groceries for a family - no coupons

11. Put some food out of sight or off limits. It’s easy to keep your kid out of the cookie jar when they’re 3 years old. It’s a lot harder to keep a big kid from helping himself to a cookie when he’s up late doing homework and the rest of the house is in bed. To help with this issue, we have some of our food stored in our basement.

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Early Bird Mom - Helping you declutter your home and live

A messy closet makes getting dressed in the morning feel like a nightmare! Follow these 5 simple tips to declutter your closet and start your day off right. Affiliate links are present. { Read more

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Which is a better deal? A Boxed vs. ALDI - Early Bird Mom

Use coupon code SUMMER to get free shipping AND but my feeling is that Amazon Grocery is great for one-off items (although probably more expensive than in local stores). If you’re able to do an order over the free shipping minimum, Boxed will probably beat Amazon, especially if you’re able to combine some of the extra coupons Boxed

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How to Get Google to Bring the Vacation Deals to You

(Note: the flu has wiped out half my family this week. I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule next week. Thank you for your patience!) As part of our commitment to keeping our toy clutter to a minimum, my family likes to take trips and outings for some Christmas and birthday presents. For two of our boys' birthdays, we recently opted to take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

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Step-by-Step Decluttering Workshop - Early Bird Mom

Do you avoid inviting people over because you are too embarrassed of your house?Have you stopped trying to organize and just settled for shoving clutter under the bed, in closets?Have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on organizers, closet systems, and STILL can't get the house under control?Do you feel like your house is too small and there’s not enough room to put everything away

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10 gift ideas for people who have everything they need

Save $5 OFF your order of $30+ from DiscountMags.com with code: 5OFF30. 4. A Republic Smartphone. If your child is ready for a smartphone, you’ll definitely want to check out Republic Wireless (read my review here). They have a $10 smartphone plan that is perfect for kids and teens. We have 3 Republic phones in our family.

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A Tour of my Low-tech Planner. Organization uncomplicated.

My ancient phone is decidedly not smart and it is forever low on batteries (update – I have a new $10 a month phone!).Not so with my planner. There is a sense of security in having all that information in one place and easy to find.

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The homeschool vs. public school debate from a mom of 4

Save $10 with coupon code SCHOOLTEN) 3. Public schools encourage independence. Public school kids navigate the lunch line, manage their books and relate to other kids without mom coaching from the sidelines. My kids gained a lot of independence in public school last year. 4. Our public schools have great teachers. My kids’ teachers were

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