Ameritrade Acquires Datek In $1.3B Deal | News | E

In one of the biggest e-commerce mergers of the year, online stock-trading site Ameritrade (Nasdaq: AMTD) said it would acquire privately held competitor Datek Online Holdings for nearly US$1.3 billion in stock.. The merger catapults Ameritrade to the top of the online brokerage marketplace in terms of trading volume.

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Daily Discount Coupons: Pay Dirt or Raw Deals? - Part 2

Daily Discount Coupons: Pay Dirt or Raw Deals? - Part 1. On a single day in March earlier this year, The Orange County Register's website generated US$188,000, mainly by selling nearly 5,457 customers on its daily deal: a Catalina Flyer catamaran round-trip ticket for $34. A portion of the revenue was generated by a side deal.

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Daily Discount Coupons: Pay Dirt or Raw Deals? - Part 3

Daily Discount Coupons: Pay Dirt or Raw Deals? - Part 2. Seen on the MarketSharing daily deal website recently: "Clearview Security is offering you an affordable 2-camera closed circuit TV system, complete with a 4-channel DVR for just $1,050a 50% savings. This system will enable you, the small business owner, to remotely monitor your business workplace.

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Google Joins Coupon Clamor With Single-City Offers Kickoff

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and VP of commerce Stephanie Tilenius have announced the launch of Google Offers' beta program, which will kick off in Portland, Ore., starting on Wednesday. The very first Google Offer will be for a Portland local favorite, Floyd's Coffee. Those with coupons will pay $3 for $10 worth of drinks.

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Search engine has introduced a new feature that allows users to search for coupons and product discounts. The feature is embedded in the front page, where visitors find an everyday-type picture -- in today's case, a man holding a camera and wearing a watch; a couple holding a computer box, and so on.

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Online Coupon Firms Settle Patent Dispute | News | E

Online coupon distributor Coolsavings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSAV) cleared two patent infringement lawsuits off its plate Monday when it reached a settlement with rival Planet U. The settlement resolved both a 1998 lawsuit filed by the Chicago, Illinois-based Coolsavings and a counterclaim filed by Planet U earlier this year.

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Investing in Groupon Would Be a Bum Deal | E-Commerce | E

The Valentine's Day fiasco -- in which people who purchased coupons for $20 off flowers at a special FTD-Groupon website later learned they could have gotten a better deal by going to the regular FTD site without a coupon -- proves that Groupon is not paying close enough attention to ensuring its customer actually get the discount they're

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Facebook Starts Stuffing Coupons in Users' News Feeds

Facebook is rolling out its Facebook Offers service, a way for users to get discounts and promotions from local businesses via the social networking site. The offers will be distributed through users' Facebook news feeds. Users can then sign up to receive the offers via email and redeem them at participating businesses.

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Upgrade Points to Mobile as Groupon's Real Deal | M

Groupon got a stock bump this week following an analyst's upgrade, a rare occurrence for the daily deal site; its stock price has plummeted since its debut on the public market. The company's evolving business model, an increasing presence in mobile commerce and an international push can help the online coupon dealer hit $9 per share over the next 12 months, according to analyst Arvind Bhatia.

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Groupon Steps Back From IPO Precipice | Wall Street | E

Online coupon retailer Groupon is reevaluating its plans to go forward with its IPO following a volatile summer market, according to a recent report. The daily discount company originally announced its plans to go public in June and was rumored to be counting on a valuation of around $20 billion, with some reports going as high as $25 billion.

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I Don't Need the SEC to Tell Me to Avoid Groupon Stock

For some time now, I've felt almost like the proverbial lone voice in the wilderness questioning the value of Groupon as an investment. My primary issue with Groupon is that there is nothing inherently unique about its business model. Given that fact, I don't understand how a company that really has no way of fighting off competitors can be valued at between $10 and $15 billion.

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