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Wes's morning rant! Specialty Bread Toasters

I've found that "you get what you pay for" with these small appliances which is why I got $99 toaster oven but with sales plus the 20% off coupons you get weekly from Bed Bath & Beyond it was closer to $60 I actually did have problem - the oven temp dial was broken, but KitchenAid sent a new one right away and paid for return of the

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Paint Color Standards

However, our standards are coupons, that are then referenced back to another standard at the manufacturers and have deviations written on the back, which are apparently based off another "Master-Master." That is in turn not defined from another absolute value of some sort, but sent to purchasing on some basis that no one in my department is

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Hardware (Such as Rivets and Bolts) - Chemical and

Either your company or the supplier would hold the clearly identified and segregated coupons. I ran a high tech contract machining company for ten years, all products made to a customer's specifications. We routinely :ca: by cutting "coupons" of each material lot and required traceability of every material delivery back to the mill.

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Suggestion System - Do's & Don'ts as well as Rewards System

Think before you put such a scheme and never ever take it off once implemented. 7. Encourage people to write in any language and make provision to have them read and understood. Never ask for suggestions in a format. Request at the minimum the date and name of the person dropping a suggestion. (similar to gift coupons for meals at fast food

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GRR (Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility) for Material

using coupons (which are far less variable than real parts) is a calibration (accuracy) test, whereas R&R tests repeatability. IF you track your actual results for a period of time AND the total variation remains well within tolerance then you know your measurement variation is negligible.

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Spray Paint Manufacturing Processes and related Information

Salt spray per Mil-DTL-5541 coupons required 5 or 10: AS9100, IAQG 9100, Nadcap and related Aerospace Standards and Requirements: 3: May 18, 2015: C: Advise on Oral Spray Pad Printing and Compliance: 21 CFR Part 820 - US FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR) 2: Apr 20, 2015: M: Quality issues in a manufacturing plant - High-pressured solvent

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Printed Copies of Controlled Documents

I agree that the PDF versions should be enough; in fact I have set it up that way now in my company. However I still have 1 printed copy of controlled documents (which essentially becomes uncontrolled once it is printed within our system) just in case that our network is off-line and someone needs to see something at that very moment.

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ISO 9001:2000 Clause 7.5.2 Validation of Processes - Level

Weld coupons (most frequent - tip changes, pressure changes, etc.) validate pull tests frequency Pull Tests (medium frequency - x amount of parts, etc.) validate tear down frequency Tear Downs (least frequent - set-up and end of run) verifies the overall process

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Are printed paper products subject to REACH and RoHS?

Specified Retention Time of PWB (printed wiring board) Test Coupons: Various Other Specifications, Standards, and related Requirements: 3: Aug 22, 2007: S: Packaging Specification template and Reasonable dppm target for printed material? Document Control Systems, Procedures, Forms and Templates: 1: Mar 26, 2007

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Balance Calibration Verification question

Re: Questions about Balance Calibration Verification Hi Jodi - You may be able to find some answers on NIST's website - NIST.gov and do a search for the 2012 Edition of NIST Handbook 44; Section 2 of the Handbook covers the calibration of Scales/Balances.

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