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2020 Q3 Newsletter | GoSafeguard.com

Rather than read "Save 20%," the postcard copy could be: "Hey John, take advantage of 20% off, exclusively for Rolling Hills customers." The company could even get creative by including neighbors' names: "Hey John, want your lawn to look better than the Wilsons'? Enjoy 20% off, exclusively for Rolling Hills customers!" 3.

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Effective Invoices & Marketing Statistics | GoSafeguard.com

If you have a lot of different products or services to sell, printing up mini-catalogs and including them with your invoices is a great way to showcase your business and motivate customers to buy. Consider adding a coupon or coupon code with an expiration date to encourage fast action. Invoices are bills, first and foremost.

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Quarter 2, 2019 | GoSafeguard.com

You may make yourself feel better by snapping back at the reviewer, but you might also lose a customer and turn off prospects as well. DO take a breath Take a few minutes to really think about what the person has said in a review — maybe even step away from the computer for a few minutes — and then formulate a polite response.

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How to Personalize Your Marketing by Age Group

coupons sent by mail 85% own a smartphone 24% of purchases are infuenced by TV ads 6 hours and 58 minutes spent each week on social media How to reach them it pays off. And when you’re ready to personalize your marketing, your Safeguard Advisor can help you take the next steps. Call 855.778.3124.

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Five Search-Savvy Secrets to Google Maps Listings & Show

There's an additional fee, but it includes special deals, 20%-30% off wine and food, a members-only area at the winery, tours and a glass of champagne during every visit, plus other perks. They also serve complimentary glasses of bubbly to locals, rewarding them for visiting the winery and bringing their out-of-town friends.

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Halloween Marketing Tips - Safeguard Consultant Digital

Another on a list of Halloween marketing ideas is to use your email newsletter to show off your Halloween spirit to customers. Let them know about any Halloween promotions you’re hosting and include an exclusive coupon code or discount offer to encourage them to buy products or visit your business over the holiday.

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Reduce the Risk of Fraud & Boost Business with Welcome Emails

12. Set up your smartphone with remote tracking and remote wiping to allow you to eliminate all data off your phone if it’s lost More and more people use their smartphones to access banking and other financial information via the Internet. As technology continues to grow so does the risk of fraud.

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Fighting Fraud and Direct Marketing Mistakes

"Friendly fraud is a lot like a bad relationship," says Sileo, "because it takes you by surprise, it starts off too good to be true, and you often end up in court and out of money." In a recent online presentation, Sileo outlined five insider theft secrets and what you can do to counteract them: 1. Your denial exposes you.

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Calendar Marketing and Holiday ID Theft Prevention

The bottom line is the return on investment and, though your calendar branding efforts aren't easily measured, direct-marketing methods are. Include cut-out coupons each week or month for your specials so you can track your returns on investment. To increase returns on investment from the onset, you should also print your calendars in volume.

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