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Anyone can learn hockey – Even You. Do you want to become a better hockey player? You are in the right place. I want to help you improve Hockey tips are sorted in the navigation bar above (Stickhandling, shooting, skating, etc) You can also browse and subscribe to our Hockey Training channel on Youtube.

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Sparx Coupon Code and Review - How To Hockey

When you use this code I am credited as an affiliate and will get a commission that helps me continue to create hockey training videos. I have been fortunate enough to be able to test the Sparx skate sharpener for a few months and I am very happy with the results.

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Green Biscuit - Improve your hockey skills

The green biscuit is the exact same size as a regular hockey puck, however slightly lighter. The green biscuit is made lighter than a normal puck because of the added friction of rough surfaces. The increased friction makes the green biscuit feel heavier, thus a lighter off ice puck will better match the feel of a regular puck on the ice.

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5 exercises to improve skating without ice

When you start playing hockey, almost anything you can do that is related to skating can improve your skills on the ice. A big issue for any hockey player is that ice time is either expensive, or hard to get, or both. So how can we improve skating, without actually skating? In this article I’ve […]

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How to Win Faceoffs in Hockey - Face Off Tips

If you are a centermen one of your major responsibilities on the ice is to win face-offs. Some players who are new to the game overlook the importance of this job and approach the face-off dot without much thought, but no matter what level of hockey you play the face-off win is vital for your […]

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How to Win Face-Offs

We just published a face-off video and article with a tonne of great tips for winning more faceoffs, check it out here how to win faceoffs in hockey This is a guest post from Jeff Serowik, former NHL’er and owner of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. A former teammate of mine Yanic Perreault who had a […]

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20 Off-Ice Stickhandling Drills

Hey guys, I have had a lot of requests for off-ice stickhandling drills. There are a lot of great stickhandling drills out there and I could probably make about 20 videos, but luckily for me somebody already did! I would have loved to make these myself, but I figured the sooner I share them with […]

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