Will The US Dollar Collapse In 2021? - Market Mad House

The year 2021 could see the end of the US dollar’s reign as the world’s reserve currency. A reserve currency is the fiat currency central banks and corporations use for international transactions. The US dollar became the reserve currency when America emerged as the world’s dominant power during World War II.

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Groupon: Is there Any Value in Coupons? - Market Mad House

It sells tickets not coupons. One has to question a company that can only attract investments by going outside of its core business. It is also an indication that Groupon’s business model simply does not work. Smart investors should stay away from Groupon and wait to see if Goldman Sachs can spin Ticket Monster off into a company of its own.

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Grocery Saving Tips - Market Mad House

Safeway’s card regularly gives me electronic coupons that give $2 off on $10 or $15 dollar purchases of meat, produce and dairy products. It also occasionally offers $20 off on $100 grocery purchases. Kroger’s Reward points can give you up to $1 off on a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel if you use them.

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Is Bed Bath & Beyond Defying the Retail Odds? - Market Mad

Bed, Bath & Beyond is in a precarious situation because it is staving off Amazon with deep-discounting in the form of the famous coupons. The danger BB&B faces is that Amazon sells all the same stuff it offers at lower prices with the ultimate in convenient shopping click a mouse vs. pushing a cart around.

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Donald Trump Proves it is Time to Scrap - Market Mad House

Save 12% Off w/ Coupon Code on IRULU Tablet PC. Therefore, one solution would be to set up a nationwide blanket primary, perhaps hold it on the first Tuesday in October of election year. The two candidates that get the most votes could face each other one month later in the general election on the first Tuesday of November.

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Can Bed, Bath & Beyond Survive in Today’s Retail

Heavy reliance on old-fashioned marketing tactics such as paper coupons makes it hard to reach younger shoppers. Heavy use of coupons and other discounts, which can cut into profits. Even though Bed, Bath & Beyond’s revenue rose by 1.7% last year, its profits fell by 10%, largely because of coupon redemptions.

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Eleven Threats to Kroger - Market Mad House

Lower oil prices. Kroger is a major retailer of gasoline and diesel; operating 1,445 supermarket fuel centers and 784 convenience stores. The drop off in driving threatens that business but so do lower oil prices which means lower profits from gas and oil.

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Kroger Is Winning the Grocery Wars - Market Mad House

Safeway and Albertsons currently have around 2,230 stores—almost as many as Kroger—but they had combined revenues of $60 billion in 2014, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. In contrast, Kroger, which operates 2,619 supermarkets, reported a TTM revenue of $108.47 billion on January 31, 2015. Kroger’s TTM revenue grew by 8.55% in 2015.

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Supermarkets fight for Survival at SuperValu - Market Mad

Investment bank Peter J. Solomon has been hired to sell off Marsh’s assets. Those assets include grocers A.L. Ross and & Sons, and LoBill Foods. At the time of the bankruptcy Marsh had less than $50,000 in the bank and liabilities of $50 to $100 million, The Star reported.

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Can Sprouts Farmers Market Survive without Acquisition

They also indicate that Sprouts’ revenue growth is not paying off. Sprouts reported revenues of $4.506 billion on 30 September 2017, up from $3.991 billion in September 2016. As at Kroger, expansion is not necessarily leading to additional cash even as revenues rise.

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Some Predictions for 2015 - Market Mad House

Gold was trading around $1200 a troy ounce in December. Gold trading at under $1,000 an ounce is likely in 2015. If that happens, expect a big sell off and a bankruptcy of a major gold company. Expect to see more death and pain in the retail sector as more and more major retailers go down in flame.

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