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Who, or What, is to Blame for Obesity in America?

Companies like Pizza Hut and Starbucks spend billions keeping their products on our minds and in our mouths whether its coupons in the mail, television commercials, or hearing about the chain from a friend or family member. Everyone is a part of this ever-growing problem and it is going to take everyone to step off the obesity bandwagon and

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Community Health Assessment of a Virtual City

The coupons allow the participant to buy foods from famers and farmers’ markets that have been authorized by the state. (“Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP),” n.d.) The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) suggests that the interactions at a farmers’ market is a social experience that enhances a sense of community among the participants.

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Primary Care of the Maturing and Aged Family

• Educate Mrs. R that when she gets sick or ill, the blood sugar can be more elevated while the body is fighting off virus or infection. • Educate Mrs. R to take metformin as prescribed as it is the medication that will control her blood sugar.

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