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23 Tricks Retailers Use to Get You to Spend More | Payoff Life

Loyalty Cards: Loyalty cards are great for deals and rewards at your favorite stores, but stores use them to more accurately send you deals and coupons for things you already buy so you’ll buy even more of those items.

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Inexpensive Date Ideas for Sporty Couples | Payoff Life

Once you complete your lessons, go out to a dancing club for a romantic date night and show off your new moves on the dance floor! Enjoying the Chase. and to compensate for the extra traffic, companies tend to charge more. You can also find coupons online or Yelp-based deals if you search before you go.

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10 Painless Ways to Cut Your Expenses | Payoff Life

Use coupons and buy in bulk if you have the room to store the food. Downsize your phone service. Unless you have a need for it, drop the land line and go completely cellular. Hold off buying a new car for a couple of years and save the money you would have spent on a car loan. The numbers show people are hanging on to their vehicles longer

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Where Your Money Goes – Cut Your Spending | Payoff Life

Clothes — Stop buying clothes that are “dry clean only.” Make some good use out of an iron and starch. Gifts — Give fun coupons instead of “things” for gifts. “Personal chauffeur for 3 trips.” “Do your laundry for a month.” Lights — Switch to CFL or LED light bulbs, which use way less electricity.; Laundry and Dishes — Only do full loads of laundry and fill the

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5 Ways to Eat Healthier and Save Money | Payoff Life

Use coupons and phone apps to save A little-known secret of savvy shoppers, you can download several apps to your smartphone and save money on certain healthy brands and even fresh produce. Oftentimes, when you can get a $1 rebate from a phone app on a particular product, there’s also a manufacturer coupon available so you can “stack

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My Complicated Relationship With Money | Payoff Life

It is the hardest thing I have had to learn and re-learn again and again. With the cost of living always on the rise, the income does not change and I bite my nails and cut coupons, share dinners to save and fore go lots of wants and think twice about the needs. Hoping to be in a better place sooner than later.

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