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Pawsitive Impressions: 2015

On another occasion, I bought a bag of dog food that was on sale for 50% off, because the expiration date was coming up (my dogs go through a large bag of food in about a week and a half, otherwise I wouldn’t buy “reduced for quick sale” food for them). When the cashier checked the date, she said that she would be able to make it 75% off.

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Pawsitive Impressions: 2016

Neighbor Bethany wrote us to tell the story of her wandering dog, who went on an unauthorized three-day tour without his mom! Store team leader Michael caught Bethany's mother putting up a flyer and went the extra mile to help her find the wayward mutt. Then, once found, he got a free groom to wash off the remains of his crazy journey. Bethany

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Pawsitive Impressions: January 2014

The neighbor came in the other night and told Liz that at first the vet though it was a tick as well, but after closer inspection he realized it was a growth. She said the vet wanted to do surgery ASAP. She told Liz that due to its nature and location (on the leg where there is no meaty tissue) that there would come a point where the vet would not be able to take it off.

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Pawsitive Impressions: NEIGHBORLY Act of Kindness in Grove

I stopped in your Grove City, Ohio location this morning to pick up some things I had coupons for. As I was pulling into a parking spot, I ran over a cover for a sewer clean out and it came out of the ground and a screw punctured my front tire.

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Pawsitive Impressions: June 2015

It was a grand send-off and, while neighbors are disappointed that Chloe and Charlie aren't hopping into their carts for "ride-alongs," it's clear that the feline pair have earned the right to some rest.

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Pawsitive Impressions

I strolled over to the dog crates, which were all stored to high to reach.  One cashier saw me looking up at them and immediately called a gentleman named Conor from the back room to assist me.  Conor went above and beyond to help me out.  He didn't just get the crate down and take off.  He asked me why I was

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Pawsitive Impressions: October 2013

One was given to a brain injured patient and she LOVED the shirt. In fact, all of the patients who received a shirt enjoyed them and brought a smile to their faces. I also gave a box to the emergency room's clothes closet. They give clothes to patients who came in the ER and had to have their clothes cut off.

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