Subway Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Subway is the home of the submarine sandwich. Their slogan is “Eat Fresh” and they’ve branded themselves as a healthy alternative to typical fast food establishments. The main menu item is their infamous sub but they also offer other items such as: a variety of soft drinks, salads, wraps and baked goods. The company’s focus …

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McDonald's Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

McDonalds is arguably the biggest name in the global fast food industry and they serve an astonishing 68 million customers each day. This company has grown substantially over the years; from a simplified menu of hamburgers, potato chips and orange juice, they now serve a range of burgers, salads, wraps, breakfast items and desserts. Initially …

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Captain D's Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant is a fast-casual seafood restaurant chain with locations throughout the United States as well as overseas. The store prides itself in providing great seafood in a friendly and welcoming environment. The restaurant is committed to serving freshly prepared food at a great value. Its core commitment is great food, great prices, …

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Farmer Boys Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

A combo, which includes a burger, a regular drink and your choice of two sides will cost between $5 to $10. Their breakfast selection, salads and sandwiches are all around the $7 mark. Despite the price, the quality and flavor is absolutely undeniable, so stop off at the next Farmer Boys you spot, for an unforgettable exceptional burger experience.

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Who Has The Best Breakfast In Fast Food Chains? (Updated

Arby’s is very generous with coupons, so with a breakfast coupon, a variety of biscuit, croissant, and sourdough sandwiches start from only $0.99. Wrap combos start at $2.99 with a coupon. Arby’s will also give free sandwiches with a coupon with the purchase of another item as well.

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Krispy Kreme Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Krispy Kreme is a doughnut and coffee chain that currently has over 1,000 locations around the world. It is known for its unique range of doughnuts and coffees. The chain has a rich history: the first store opened in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has expanded to over 26 countries ever since. Krispy Kreme’s …

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Olive Garden Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

The Olive Garden is an Italian-American restaurant chain. The establishment is dedicated to providing delicious Italian inspired food along with a warm and welcoming dining experience for all its customers. The Olive Garden prides itself in catering to families and provides casual, family-styled dining. It considers its guests as family. The menu provides a variety …

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Taco Bell Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Taco Bell is a restaurant that serves delicious tex-mex food; as per the name, they were originally focused on their tacos, however, their variety of Mexican goodness also includes: burritos, quesadillas, sweet treats, soft drinks and a delicious breakfast range. They provide fresh, quality, authentic Mexican cuisine at affordable prices for the whole family. They …

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Whataburger Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Wait times are usually short. Customer service is always positive, with people commenting about the friendliness of the staff and the overall warmth that each branch gives off. First time visitors more often than not have a positive experience. They enjoy that the restaurant is clean, employees are friendly and quality food is delivered quickly.

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Maggiano’s Little Italy Menu Prices (Updated February 2021)

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a casual dining restaurant chain that serves Italian cuisine throughout the United States. The restaurant serves large portions of both classic and contemporary Italian dishes and provides family-styled dining. The idea behind Maggiano’s is to make customers feel as if they are extended family enjoying Sunday dinner cooking at an Italian …

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Saltgrass Menu prices (Updated February 2021)

Slow cooked & fall off the bone: $13.99: Chopped Steak: Ground steak topped with: grilled onions, cheddar cheese & diced tomatoes or grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms & cognac pepper sauce: $11.99: Vaquero Tacos: Slow braised brisket, sriracha mayo, cilantro oil & pico de gallo in warm corn tortillas: $10.49: Lunch Steak Platters

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