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Employee Handbook - Workable

Employee Code of Conduct 14 Dress code 14 Cyber security and digital devices 14 Internet usage 15 Cell phone 15 Corporate email 16 Social media 16 Conflict of interest 17 Paid time off (PTO) 28 Holidays 29 Sick leave 30 Long-term illness 30 Bereavement leave 31 Jury duty and voting 31 Parental leave 31

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Best interview questions to ask candidates [plus tips for

It’s one thing to go off in tangents on a topic, and another thing to deliberately avoid answering a question. This might happen inadvertently, so try to bring the conversation back on topic or ask a more specific question. If the candidate still seems unwilling or unable to answer, it’s a red flag. Attitude. Yes, the tone of each answer

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