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Actived: Thursday Oct 29, 2020

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Framing Effects of Coupon Face Value on Coupon Redemption

Three forms for framing coupon face value (cents-off, percentage-off, and reduced price) are compared, and the importance of including regular price information on coupons is investigated. Propositions are developed regarding the effects of framing coupon face value and inclusion/exclusion of regular price information on coupon redemption.

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Pre-Trial Cognitive Effects of Cents-off Coupons: Journal

Cents-off coupons have become a popular sales promotion tool in recent years. However, the effects of coupons, and other such deals, on consumers' cognitive structures and choice decisions are not well understood. This paper examines the impact of cents-off coupons at the pre-trial stage.

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Attitudes, Perceptions, and Responses of Purchasers Versus

Daily deals are prepaid online coupons or vouchers that offered steep price discounts (anywhere from 20% to 70% off) at local businesses such as restaurants, nail salons, and sky-diving operators. Pioneers such as Groupon and LivingSocial have leveraged today’s social media and smart phones era to amass large consumer subscribers who opt in to receive these e-mail deals from local merchants.

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Journal of Advertising: Vol 12, No 2

Pre-Trial Cognitive Effects of Cents-off Coupons. P. S. Raju & Manoj Hastak . Pages: 24-33. Published online: 30 May 2013. Abstract | References | PDF (1798 KB)

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the vice and sawing coupons off using a hack saw, with no protective gear or a Geiger counter, other than a lab coat. Soon after the government established nuclear research laboratories at Harwell and the work moved there. Then began a long period of looking at corrosion problems of copper and copper alloys, as well as other materials, in fresh

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Full article: A performance comparison between cooled and

Both requirements were considered when selecting the mechanical test coupons, of which there were two. The first, Figure 1 (a), is an Al2024-T351 alloy plate containing a circular hole. The second, Figure 1 (b), is a facsimile of the lower wing skin structure of the F-111C aircraft and specifically a small section just beyond mid span of the

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Behavior Change Among Agents of a Community Safety Program

Abstract Pizza deliverers served as intervention agents for a community safety belt campaign sponsored by their store. The program consisted of local radio and newspaper promotions, safety belt reminder cards pasted to the boxtops of each pizza sold, free pizza giveaways to customers who displayed safety belt reminder cards (from the box-top) on their rearview mirror, and dollar-off coupons to

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Assessment of cathodic protection by close interval survey

(2016). Assessment of cathodic protection by close interval survey incorporating the instant off potential method. Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology: Vol. 51, No. 4, pp. 241-247.

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FGD Wet Scrubber Corrosion - Taylor & Francis

probe contains six exposure coupons and several thermocouples—one to measure flue gas temperature, and oth-ers to measure coupon temperatures. This second probe measures average corrosion rate during the test period and is used to support and confirm data generated by the electrochemical probe. Temperature control can be provid-ed for both

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